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Le Protecteur N°25 Mask & Hand Sanitizer Spray 100ml

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  • Le Protecteur N °25 Mask & Hand Sanitizer Spray is a proven, tested, effective antimicrobial sanitizer for your daily protection.
  • Sanitizing with Le Protecteur N °25 on both disposable and reusable masks, also helps to remove odour created by moisture in our breath, and inhibits microbial growth on the masks.
  • It is alcohol-free, thus leaving your delicate skin without any over drying condition which most alcohol based sanitizers do.
  • Besides being alcohol-free, N °25 Mask & Hand sanitizer spray is also fragrance-free (odourless), preservative-free, non-sticky. It is child-safe and will not cause any allergic, asthmatic reaction. No danger of inflammability.
  • N °25 is manufactured under stringent GMP compliance, with our utmost dedication.


Distilled water, Electrode Colloidal Silver

Contains 25ppm Electrode Colloidal Silver in distilled water suspension; it is produced using 99.99% pure silver electromagnetically charged - using nanotechnology. These positively charged nano silver particles - measuring 3-5 nanometer in size (1 / 1,000,000,000) are the key and the single-most effective all natural anti-viral, antibacterial and antifungal substances as demonstrated and published in many medical science reports.


  • Spray Le Protecteur N °25 generously on inside and outside of the mask for double protection to destroy disease causing pathogens.
  • Spray Le Protecteur N °25 to "shield" your palms and hands to allow these positively-charged nano silver to defend your health and destroy germs upon contact.


Instruction Steps

  1. Wash hands thoroughly with cleanser and pat dry.
  2. Shake bottle before spraying Le Protecteur N °25 generously inside and outside of face mask for protection.
  3. Leave dry before put on mask.
  4. Spray Le Protecteur N °25 on both palms.

Note: Users are encouraged to respray every 4 hours from time to time. However, under certain conditions ie. frequent wash room visits, overcrowded public places etc, repeated spray is recommended as often as needed.

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